Badges & Bouquets is the brainchild of Tina Humphrey, Owner and Certified Consultant at Diamonds & Dreams Event Consultants.  Long before the creation of this contest --- she had visions of giving back to those near and dear to her heart.  Thankfully, some like-minded vendors had the same vision!

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A sponsored wedding for our quiet backyard heroes because… 


Has the fire department, an EMT and/or a law enforcement officer ever been a part of your life (i.e., either personally, for close friends, relatives, or co-workers)? Even though they chose their profession, they sacrifice their safety (and many times, their lives) for all of us without hesitation. They just quietly "take care of business."

About our quiet heroes...

Did you ever think how demanding and stressful it is for their loved ones to watch them walk out the door to go to "work?" Families wondering; Will they come home tonight? Will they be the same person that left the house?


It is their job to protect, serve, and rescue — they CHOSE to help us. Their extreme bravery and selfless commitment to serve us deserves our recognition, reward, and appreciation.


They respond to extremely dangerous and traumatic events with little concern for their own welfare.


Is your house on fire? A loved one unconscious, not breathing? Is someone breaking into your home? Make a quick call to 911! Fire fighters, EMTs and police officers to the rescue in minutes!! Thankfully, for all of us, our local heroes are always right there making every effort to save us.


Under paid, over-worked, and under appreciated heroes that are constantly training and conditioning to provide stellar protection and save lives. We tend to forget that they have hopes and dreams just like the rest of us!


Diamonds & Dreams and a great big TEAM are determined to let our First Responders know how much we appreciate all of their efforts, and that their quiet tenacity to make a difference in our lives has not gone unnoticed. We want the public to recognize and remember what they do for all of us.

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This opportunity of a fully sponsored wedding is a token of our appreciation for the protection and assistance offered at a moment’s notice by our quiet heroes.


Diamonds & Dreams, along with the most GENEROUS and GIVING VENDORS in this area, is prepared to help one lucky first responder experience a dream wedding.   


Let us be your wedding hero for your special day!  


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